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Daytona ENGINE PRO S C3 5W-30

Daytona Engine PRO S 5W-30 C3 is a synthetic, specialist product for the cutting-edge petrol and diesel engines with turbochargers equipped with unit injectors. It effectively protects parts of the engine, including the pump, even in case of cold start.

  • Due to the excellent lubricating properties, it enhances fuel economy.

  • Daytona Engine PRO S 5W-30 C3 has a number of additives that provide excellent engine protection against wear, as well as ensure accurate lubrication.

  • Properly selected composition ensures the maintenance of cleanliness of all mechanisms and significantly extends the life of the start-up system.

API SN/SM/CF, ACEA A3/B,C2/C3-10, MB 229.31/229.51, BMW Longlife-04, VW 505 00/505 01/502 00

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