Is synthetic oil worth investing in?

It is well known that synthetic oil is slightly more expensive than a mineral or semi-synthetic product. Then why should we consider investing in this solution under normal operating conditions of engine oil?

A unique composition

Fully synthetic oils have a unique composition. They contain the purest oil particles, very similar to each other in size. As a result, they effectively reduce friction in the internal parts of the engine, which translates into their longer life.

Operation at low and high temperatures

Further differences can be observable when working at low and high temperatures. Synthetic oil reaches the lubricated components faster due to the lower flow temperature. This makes it easier to start the engine even when the thermometer reads the temperature below -30°C.

On the other hand there are high temperatures, where the viscosity index is crucial for full protection. A correspondingly high index of full synthetics ensures higher lubricating film stability at elevated ambient temperatures.

Resistance to oxidation and chemical decomposition

Synthetic oil has much better resistance to oxidation and thermal decomposition. The construction of particles and a high viscosity index ensure more efficient engine operation, which results in a reduction in fuel consumption. Its characteristics also mean that it can be exchanged much less frequently than conventional mineral oils. It is assumed that in an undemanding car from the 90s, a mineral oil should be changed at most every 10,000 km. Synthetic oil, however, maintains its properties for longer, allowing for higher mileage between exchanges of up to 15,000 km.

The best effect can be achieved by using properly selected synthetic oils from the very beginning of the vehicle’s operation and continuing to use them for as long as possible. They will keep the engine and its components in good condition for years, and additionally we will reduce the number (and cost!) of oil changes.

When choosing the right type of lubricant, always follow instructions of the manual or the technical and operating documentation supplied with the vehicle/machine/device. In the event of their absence, please contact us.

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