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Daytona ENGINE PRO M 5W-40

Daytona Engine PRO M 5W-40 has been designed with the most loaded diesel engines in mind, such as those in buses, trucks and vans as well as in frequently operated construction machines.

  • It is especially recommended for vehicles equipped with EGR/SCR systems and those machines where the interval between oil changes has been extended.

  • Daytona Engine PRO M 5W-40 has excellent lubricating properties, making it easier to start and operate the vehicle even at low temperatures.

  • The oil perfectly protects all moving parts of the engine against wear and corrosion. It is used in machines that meet EURO II, EURO III, EURO IV and EURO V standards.

API CI-4/CF, ACEA E6-04/2, E4-99/3, E7-04/2, MB 228.51, MAN 3477, MAN 3277-1, Volvo VDS-3 (EGR), Renault RXD (EGR), MAN MTU typ 3.1., DAF

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