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Daytona GEAR 3000 SY 68/100/150/220/320/450/680/1000

Daytona Gear 3000 SY is a synthetic oil based on PAO polyialpholefin. It includes a set of EP additives providing increased load resistance up to 150°C or 200°C when working in short periods. It was designed for industrial gears used in construction and mining machines, machine tools, mills, steam and gas turbines, as well as other devices operating in high loads and pressures.

  • Due to the applied enriching additives, Daytona Gear 3000 provides excellent lubrication, as well as protection of gear mechanisms against welding, wear, corrosion and oxidation, even in extreme conditions.

  • It is perfect for operation at changing temperatures.

ISO-L-CKC, L-CKE, L-PAD (ISO 6743), CLP (DIN51517 part. 3), Flender (320)

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