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Daytona PRO GREASE EP2/3

Daytona PRO Grease is intended for the lubrication of heavy-loaded metal rolling mill bearings, heavy construction machines, pressers and crushers. It is also suitable for centralized lubrication systems. What is more, the product is perfect for elements exposed to water or impact loads. The working temperature is from -25 to 130 ° C, but may vary depending on the type of bearing, its load and lubrication intervals. However, this range may be greater, depending on the lubricant operating conditions and the frequency of change of the product.

  • The composition of Daytona PRO Grease is based on mineral oils and lithium soaps. A number of additives provide increased strength of the lubricating film, corrosion protection, as well as aging resistance of the grease.

KP2K-25 (DIN 51502), LXBCDB 2 (ISO 6743-9)

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