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Daytona PRO Grease Ultra BN-2 is a non-melt high-temperature grease designed for bearings and mechanisms exposed to high operating temperatures. It perfectly lubricates and protects hinges, conveyors in furnaces and dryers, all mechanisms in the glass industry, as well as transport carts in brickworks.

  • Suitable for lubrication at -25°C to 160°C, and up to 250°C it can be used for short periods.

  • Composition of Daytona PRO Grease Ultra BN-2 is the combination of mineral oil with an inorganic thickener and a set of additives providing excellent corrosion protection and resistance to aging and water.

  • The grease ensures long-lasting lubrication and lack of fusibility at high temperatures

L-XBGEA 2 (ISO 6743-9)

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