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Daytona SYNTH GREASE MoS NO. 1 2

Daytona Synth Grease MoS No. 1 is a unique specialist spray lubricant based on the 2 best bases available on the market and EP additives. It is the highest quality preparation and its operating temperature is between -73°C and +121°C. It works perfectly under extreme conditions, in particular for lubricating heavily loaded steel sliding surfaces. To meet requirements of the most demanding users, the product has been enriched with molybdenum disulphide (over 5% of the base composition). When applied, the preparation adheres to the surface even in extreme temperatures or in a damp environment.

  • The lubricant effectively penetrates between the seized mechanisms, facilitating their start.

  • It does not attract any pollution, and at the same time effectively removes dirt, including most adhesives, fats and other greases.

  • It creates an excellent barrier against aggressive factors causing corrosion, adhering to any surface irregularities and displacing moisture.

MIL-G-21164D, DEF STAN 91-57, DCSEA 353/A, G-353, XG-276

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