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Daytona TRANS FR 40/80

Daytona Trans FR 40/80 is an uninhibited oil used in insulating systems of transformers, cables, connectors and other electrical devices. High breakdown voltage ensures excellent insulation against moisture and air, and properly low viscosity ensures effective cooling. Due to the high ignition temperature, Daytona Trans FR 40/80 significantly reduces the risk of ignition.

  • Daytona Trans FR 40/80 is based on naphthenic-type mineral oils, which ensures good low-temperature properties.

  • The compliance with the most important global standards for insulating liquids – IEC 60296: 2003 and ASTM D 3487 is the guarantee of high quality. As a result, the product has excellent anti-corrosion properties and is fully compatible with other products available on the market, which meet the most stringent standards.

IEC 60296:2003, ASTM D 3487

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